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What is Pre-boarding?

To ensure a new employee will be a successful, lasting member of your team, it is crucial to acknowledge the importance of onboarding, with a specific emphasis on pre-boarding. Onboarding is the time period from offer acceptance through a new employee’s first 90 days. Pre-boarding is a specific subset of onboarding, which is the period from offer acceptance to the new employee’s first day.
Most organizations see pre-boarding as a waiting period as the employee transitions from a previous role to the new one. And most onboarding systems focus on what the organization needs from its new employee: signed forms and paperwork to prepare for day one. While there is certainly merit and benefit from automated processes, from the employee’s perspective, this time is filled with big changes and transitions. Pre-boarding utilizes this time period to communicate support for the individual. Rather than a waiting period think about what the new employee needs from the organization: basic knowledge, confidence, supporting resources, and cultural integration. And with trends in recruiting marketing leveraging social channels, brand, and culture to outreach further in order to get the right candidate, pre-boarding can channel the momentum from interviewing into the transition to day one.

A pre-boarding system should focus on sharing the core values of your organization while providing basic knowledge from which your new hire can leverage their success in their new role. Remember that your new hire is excited, but also likely emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted. In order to make the first days focused and ordered, your pre-boarding program should instill confidence in your new hire to overcome these common anxieties. Consider that four percent of new employees leave after a disastrous first day and twenty percent leave after only six months. Successful pre-boarding can help mitigate common reasons a new employee could become part of these statistics. The entire onboarding experience can last from the moment the offer is accepted and extend well into their first year of employment, but by creating a pre-boarding experience, you can link the recruiting marketing momentum to the first days in the office. Utilizing the time period from offer acceptance to day one requires a system and outreach to the new hire that is on their terms and accessible from any device. Enter PerStart, the program that is self-directed and available when the new employee has time.
Pre-boarding with PerStart specifically provides an overview of the resources, practical guides, and information about the organization, which prepare the new hire for the first day. Pre-boarding provides the continuum from recruiting and interviewing to the onboarding activities which will be essential to the new employee’s first month and first quarter successes.The Centre Pompidou calendar. Photo by Curtis MacNewton


Pre-boarding Experience

PerStart pre-boarding enables organizations to onboard new hires with knowledge and confidence needed for success day one. PerStart delivers an engaging, story-driven, online learning experience prior to the employee’s first day. It bridges the new hire’s knowledge gap with a curated presentation of the organization and culture and first-day knowledge to be successful.


Four Weeks to Work
New Hire Pre-boarding Experience

The Four Weeks to Work learning experience concentrates on pre-boarding, where understanding, confidence, and momentum are critical to the initial success of the new-hire and manager. Uniquely, Four Weeks to Work presents both the manager and new-hire storylines together to enhance understanding by providing perspective on the critical time period from offer acceptance to the first day (typically four weeks).