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Transforming Onboarding with Employee Journeys

Clarity about the impacts of digital transformation on onboarding can be found by looking beyond to see how technologies are transforming other markets and verticals. 

In marketing, digital transformation is leading to challenges and changes to how organizations approach consumers. Marketers tended to think in terms of channels, tools, technologies first. Now, they are thinking about consumer journeys. They are building digital touch points for collaboration with consumers that allows for expertise, novices, and digital transferences that support the consumer on their journey.

Similar to how marketers now focus on sustaining the brand, the cultural connection between organizations and consumers; organizations can focus on culture that aligns employees to company’s strategy. Building employee journeys infused with cultural knowledge can bridge silos of recruiting, onboarding, development, and performance. In this sense, onboarding transforms to play a central role in communicating the values sought after during the recruiting process and carry them through to fully productive performance.

This is the thinking behind PerStart – bring your organization’s story to the new hire and assist them to reach their first day.

For more information on how transformation is taking place in marketing, check out this webinar from the MIT SMR Custom Studio. “Marketers: Get Your Data House in Order” Watch On Demand.

Photo Credit: Kalen Emsley