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Ideas and insights drive our development of learning experiences for
pre-boarding, employee engagement, storytelling, and user adoption.

The Perks of Digital Publishing
As one of SmarterMedium’s designer, Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) has peaked my interest from the day it was released to the public. The possibilities are endless and you’re only limited by...
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My Desk Today: Virtual Team
For some, adapting to the change of working in a virtual environment can be an overwhelming task, riddled with problems and headache. However, here at SmarterMedium we don’t fear change, we actually...
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Simplify Training

One of the blogs we follow when we can is 37signals blog, now Basecamp. Our company’s project management is driven by their Basecamp project and it is good to keep an eye on what they are up to.

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The light at the end of your…desk
Recently, SmarterMedium held its first office competition. To give you the whole back story…our office was built to look like an old barn with skylights throughout the ceiling. As the winter drew...
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Stitching the Cloud Together
No one system, app or technology can provide the functionality and productivity that multiple systems can. But the time spent on linkages, transfers, and learning can make committing to one...
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Our First Office Purchase … A Nest
One of our first purchases for the office was a Nest. The Honeywell it replaced was a sea of options, programming, and tools that for an HVAC expert would have been no problem. All the heating...
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Cloud Desks

The door desk was the poster child for boot strap organization. A trip to home depot for two saw horses and a door slab and a desk was born.

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