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Onboarding with Story Formula 1 Example

Netflix grows and onboards new fans of Formula 1, particularly in the United States, not by the spectacle of performance sport racing and results, but through storytelling.

Netflix’s narrative approach has proven to be a gateway for interest in the US market. In a sport that focuses relentlessly on performance, speed, and analytics, Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ introduces F1 racing through the perspective of team principals and drivers.



Netflix focuses on storylines vs. race results and, for four seasons, has onboarded new audiences to the highly technical sport by following the drivers ups and downs through the season. This enables new viewers to learn the nuances that drives performance.

In onboarding programs, building connections through narrative and story from persons with perspective instead of the technical features, performance, and expected results of the role, may result in more engagement and lasting understanding than what we typically see in onboarding and orientation programs along.