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Learning Visual Storytelling

While the fundamentals of story remain unchanged, new mediums create opportunities to infuse stories into the delivery of digital learning experiences. This transformation opens new opportunities to infuse stories into every aspect of the design and development of learning experiences.

Infuse story into the construction

When working with collaborators developing a learning experience now may include writers, designers, editors, developers, and animators, not to mention subject and content experts and stakeholders and leadership; a story plot can become the blueprint for collaboration between all aspects of the learning experience. Different groups can effectively contribute and work together, adhering to the plot, which can be documented via a storyboard.  

Beyond the script, think about how digital mediums are expanding the art of storytelling.



Presentation storytelling

Think of presentations as plays or performances that require participants' live presence for the experience to be effective. Too often, presentations are directly transitioned to learning experiences and fail because the presentation's facilitator is removed from the experience. Instead, build in the narrator's role — the narrative engagement that a presenter provides to enable the learning experience motion and engagement.



Cinematic storytelling

When creating a learning experience, think like a director or cameraperson by staging learning experiences more like a movie or cinematic performance. You can build in the story and how the story will move along, much like a screenwriter uses the script to provide direction—moving the learner's focus through the experience. 



Visual storytelling

Developing a learning experience requires directing the story's elements that can be moved through showing or telling. Visualizing the story is no longer reliant on the script or content on the screen. Learners infer the story from visual clues and progression. 



Technology storytelling

Technology can assist in telling the story; it is the immersive experience that an IMAX film provides a sense of flying. Yet even subtle changes in the experience can change how the learner perceives the experience and the meaning.


Learning Experiences:


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