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Introducing the Gomo Learning Playbook: A Practical Guide to Gomo Learning Authoring

Gomo Learning expands the availability of traditional elearning authoring tools to content owners, subject matter experts, and stakeholders. This playbook onboards these new users to learning experience development allowing them to blend their knowledge and experience into new learning pathways.

Why this Playbook

Gomo Learning is an online agile learning authoring system that offers a complete learning experience development platform. This agile approach to learning and training using Gomo Learning is shaped by interactions and collaboration with participants during the learning process. Developing new learning pathways, Gomo Learning tightens iterations between stakeholders and developers for faster development timelines and more fluid, dynamic results for learners and organizations.

SmarterMedium has worked with customers and partners pushing the development of innovative experiences to find new ways to engage employees. Our collaborations and discoveries using the Gomo Learning authoring tools have spawned novel ideas and developed new ways of working with customers. What we have learned along the way powers the approach, lessons, and expertise within this playbook.

Early in 2015, we were invited to develop a new course for a global sports apparel company. One of their requirements was to use a new authoring tool – Gomo Learning Authoring. From this early project, we recognized the potential for a more agile learning authoring system that allowed for more direct collaboration with SMEs, faster output of learning experiences, and iteration development resulting in more flexible learning pathways. Since 2015, we have developed numerous courses for a multitude of customers crossing industries, regions, and languages. In addition to authoring our own courses and content using Gomo Learning, working with customers, we have been about to better engage both subject matter experts (rapid iterations), and learners.

Who is the Playbook for

For any organization onboarding to Gomo Learning, this playbook presents the tools and practical how-tos to develop and author content, providing a walkthrough of the concepts and benefits of blended learning approaches, supported by step-by-step content, features and functionality.

This playbook is focused on the concepts, features, and functionality that enable subject matter experts to understand and leverage Gomo Learning Authoring in their learning workflows. This playbook is not designed to provide complete mastery of Gomo Learning nor cover all features and functionality that it provides.

By effectively onboarding content and knowledge experts to Gomo Learning, they can more effectively participate and collaborate in the learning development process as well as more readily iterate and create agile learning paths for their users.

Support Your Gomo Learning Launch, Onboarding and Training Strategies

Are you looking to deploy Gomo Learning and blended learning to your team and organization? This playbook and its contents are available for your customization so you can onboard and instruct your team using your processes, approach, and branding. This playbook was created using Adobe InDesign. Leveraging themes, masters, and digital publishing tools, we can rapidly produce custom digital versions of this book for enterprise deployments and training for Gomo Learning. 

SmarterMedium can help with every aspect of your Gomo Learning platform projects:

  • Build an agile learning process in your learning development pathways
  • Launch User adoption & Onboarding on Gomo Learning for stakeholders and editors
  • Compose experience and Content development strategies for Gomo Learning
  • Brainstorm Learning Transformation and Learning experience design

Playbook Stats

  • 142 Pages
  • 34 References
  • 48 Glossary Terms
  • 37 Quick Reference Pages
  • 16 Workbook Pages
  • 7 Common Tasks
  • 7 Practice Scenarios
  • 5 Masterclass Topics
  • 2 Digital Formats – Kindle and PDF
  • 1 Print Format 
  • 1 Office Dog Avatar