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Introducing the Four Weeks to Work Pre-boarding Playbook

With the increased pace of skills migrating and transitioning to new technologies and new digital workflows, the importance of quickly forging a strong link between the new employee and the organization has never been more important. Aligning the employee with their expected performance provides greater flexibility for the organization to change their dynamics and execute their strategies.
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The Four Weeks to Work Playbook concentrates on creating a successful pre-boarding experience. In 14 short vignettes, the Playbook showcases a new hire progressing through her pre-boarding experience, which takes place in the four weeks between offer acceptance and her first day. This overview includes coaching and assistance in preparing for the first day. The Playbook also provides preparation for the organization, the hiring manager, and the team in order to create and support a performance-driven start for the new employee. And, additional resources including interactive practice worksheets, reading lists, and videos provide an immersive pre-boarding resource for both the new hire and the organization.

What is a Digital Playbook?

The playbook is a digital-first book which provides an engaging starting point for teams and new hires. The playbook can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. Progress is at an entirely self-directed pace and leveraging an always-on approach, users can reach social channels inside the experience, such as live Twitter feeds, videos, and even suggested readings, playlists, and podcasts.


Redefining the Pre-boarding Experience

Pre-boarding has a purpose. It is the transition from the end of one chapter to the beginning of another. It is important to progress through pre-boarding in the right way so that a new hire carries forward the confidence from the interview into their first day. The pre-hire experience can be a celebration and a time to shed stress and any preconceived notions the new hire, or the organization, has in order to be open and ready for a performance start.

Joining a team already in motion requires a new hire to rapidly onboard to have any chance at success. Advances in recruiting – to more diversified populations – are uplifting to the digital economy. Concurrently, the exponential pace of the digital economy is driving digital fluency to an even greater demand to reaching full performance. Unsupported, people not digitally fluent will continue to struggle and fail.   

Four Weeks to Work minds the pre-boarding gap. It links the outreach success of recruiting to the initial performance needed on day one. While simple, it is a critical element to a new employee’s journey and success. Accepting a job offer sets off a sequence of events that shape routines, career, and even identity. The Four Weeks to Work Playbook leverage this storyline to provide assistance to the new employee in a form with which they will readily identify and so they can better prepare for their first day, improving his/her performance start.


Perspective and Story in HR Technology

As enterprises embrace HR technology, Four Weeks to Work uses story and perspective to demonstrate a shared experience. Deloitte uses ‘Moments that Matter’ to drive design thinking for HR Technology, Four Weeks to Work uses this approach to bring perspective and story to a pivotal moment in the new hire’s career transition.  

The playbook recognizes that onboarding is not a solitary process. For the manager and team, the new hire is joining an under-resourced team that is already in motion. By mirroring the organization’s perspective with the new hire’s perspective, each has access to the insights needed for a mutually successful performance start.


Completely Customizable

The playbook may also be customized and branded for Enterprise deployment. All of our solutions are designed for organizations to adopt, adapt, brand, and build upon to convey their unique experience to new hires. The Four Weeks to Work Playbook and course have customizable themes and branding integrated into their DNA so that organizations can speak to new hires in their authentic voice.


Quick Stats about the Four Weeks to Work Playbook

  • 156 pages
  • 14 journeys
  • 2 perspectives (manager / team and new hire)
  • 35 worksheets (15 for the new hire and 20 for the hiring manager and team)
  • 64 references and links to great resources to extend the experience
  • 14 recommended books
  • 27 inspirational quotes and points to ponder from leading thinkers and influencers
  • 8 influencers on Twitter
  • 11 embedded videos
  • 4 Spotify playlists and podcasts
  • 8 pages to take notes and bring your pre-boarding strategy to life
  • 4 digital formats including Kindle, PDF, and iBook
  • 2 print formats (available Summer 2018)



Expanded Four Weeks to Work Pre-boarding Learning Experience

The Playbook joins an existing online course, creating a complete, blended learning experience. The Four Weeks to Work Course is a digital learning experience focused on pre-boarding where understanding, confidence, and momentum are critical for the initial success of the new hire, manager and teams. The course is designed for organizations to brand and integrate into their onboarding program and is available now for customization and tailored delivery.

The Four Weeks to Work Course presents both the manager and new hire storylines together to enhance understanding by providing perspective on the critical time period from offer acceptance to the first day (typically four weeks).  Together, the Course and the Playbook create a shared learning path for the new hire and the team they are joining.