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Showcase of Services
and Case Studies

Showcase of Services and Case Studies

We work with customers and partners,
pushing development of innovative learning experiences
to find new ways to engage employees.

Case Study

Coaching Customer Success to Support

In any technology company, support functions are the face of the organization to the customer. Coaching culture design infuses teachable moments into realistic support cases to demonstrate how support engineers and customer success representatives can exemplify the values that define the brand and organization.

Business Challenge

Support and customer success teams are in a unique position that is very much customer-facing. They have daily interactions with customers through various channels and probably interact directly with customers more often than any other part of the business over the long term.

How do you ensure that employees feel invested in the customer’s success, take ownership of their issues and remain the face of the customer when communicating information coming from other internal teams such as operations and engineering?

Project Highlights

Adapted from incident support logs, explore how our values can impact your interactions with customers and co-workers. Presented are five support scenarios that involve support representatives and Customer Success Managers supporting a customer through configuration and upgrade issues.

Understanding our values in everyday support situations is critical to the team’s success, by following a complex support incident with a customer from inception to completion can educate how we can live and represent the culture. The course focused on inserting core values into daily work scenarios. Within this course, learners are introduced to SAP SuccessFactors Support Culture through five practice scenarios that demonstrate the SAP Values and our support culture.


Bringing realism to the course was important, the practices mimic communication through voice and chat with customers, as well as provide decisions based on incomplete information.  Learners have opportunities to practice decisions and view outcomes as they are introduced to their role and unique culture of the organization.

Each practice module provided an opportunity and decision point regarding how our values can impact the interaction and outcome for the customer. At the end of every practice, consider any additional follow-up actions and reflect on any learning that could be shared more widely across your team.


Learning Path for Cloud Company

A complete onboarding learning path for a leading cloud company brings together eight new microlearning experiences to ensure they can become a successful employee. The program focuses on the new hire’s understanding of culture, products, language, and the resources and tools available to support them.

Business Challenge

Recognizing that on-boarding can be much more than just getting the paperwork out of the way, a cloud company sought to create a new onboarding program that focused on culture and understanding for new employees.

Project Highlights

Knowing who they are, what they do, and what makes us the best choice in the industry will help the new employee become a productive member of the team. The program focused on developing engaging, branded, narrative-driven learning experiences to develop an employee’s understanding of the talents, values, and context of skills required.


An on-demand micro-learning platform provides a complete onboarding resource to new hires. Each of the eight micro-learning experiences ensures they can become a successful employee and could be completed quickly.  The program elements featured:

  • An interactive welcome experience to the learning path
  • A message from the CEO
  • Video and guide discussing the core values and mission of the organization
  • An interactive glossary for new hires to learn the lingo
  • An interactive walkthrough of the organization structure and responsibilities
  • An overview of the systems and tools used by the organization
  • Links to product knowledge, and social support site and additional resources
Case Study

End-User Adoption Course

End-User Adoption Online Learning for Employees and Managers introducing them to the SAP SuccessFactors platform.

Business Challenge

When rolling out a new talent management system, how do you create a global program that engages employees individually?  Successful adoption of a new talent management system is not measured by the percentage of users adopting the new program — not some, not most, not a good start — success is dependent on everyone’s’ engagement.

Project Highlights

Allowed learners to self-identify region and role information to see a customized presentation of features, benefits, and requirements.

Built on branded, familiar experiences that employees are familiar with and allow learners to focus on the new information and knowledge.

Learning customized to follow company processes, focuses on key features, and ignores unneeded functionality.


Allow users to access quick how-to and step by step supporting materials without overloading with documentation.

Throughout the course, knowledge checks, checklists apply what you are learning. Case studies bring situational realism to enhance comprehension.

Training materials not only speak the audience’s language but more importantly, speak the language they will engage, learn, and develop with.

Case Study

Digital Transformation Design

Communicating a digital strategy transforming the path forward for all employees and customers into journeys.

Business Challenge

With an overall digital strategy for transforming all aspects of the customer journey from first contact to after-sales, the online course was developed to introduce all employees to the new CRM enablement strategy through a series of journeys.

Project Highlights

The course offers detailed insights into the new B2B CRM Strategy and explains how employees can benefit from it. The course provided an initial view of the strategy followed by an understanding of the roles and benefits connected to journeys through the CRM lifecycle. Journeys documented future interaction experiences.


The course linked global transformation to regional and local by providing additional relevant information regarding the project in each region. Through leadership messages, innovative digital journeys learners were encouraged to think of everything digital with regards to consumer journeys.

Case Study

Employee Engagement Interviewing Skills

Development of an online course for providing performance support to hiring managers on behavioral interviewing techniques.

Business Challenge

In 60 minutes can you make a career decision for you, for the candidate, and for the organization? How do you improve interviewing skills of managers, increasing the likelihood of not only identifying the right candidate but also ensuring that the right candidate engages and joins the organization?

Project Highlights

Using a story format, the e-learning follows along as a manager uses behavioral interviewing techniques. Practice situations and make decisions on what questions to follow-up on. Conclude the interview by rating the candidate’s performance against established leadership qualifications.


The design provides managers an experience that engages them with the purpose of the interviewing content, helps them learn and master the interview process, and results in a clear understanding of how to evaluate and assess the candidates against leadership expectations.

Case Study

End User Performance Support Design

Quick reference guides move documentation to just in time performance support.

Business Challenge

Sometimes what is needed most is a well designed instructive document that provides connects the necessary performance support to a purpose. For customers of SuccessFactors and even for SuccessFactors employees themselves, deploying a full talent management suite, required providing managers and employees quick accessible training on specific activities aligned and linked to the organization’s talent strategy.

Project Highlights

For SAP SuccessFactors users (managers, employees, HR, leadership), they need a quick way to understand the HR process and their role. Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) and job aides outlining the basic user and manager features of the new system, conveyed the overall purpose of the program and enabled managers and employees to quickly complete tasks and maximize the benefits of the system with minimal time and learning commitment.

Guides are formatted for rapid translation. The materials were developed to be translated internally for global rollout with screen support on the translated visuals


Since 2005, SmarterMedium has developed in partnership with SAP SuccessFactors custom Quick Reference Guides [QRGs or Job Aides]. These guides covered every role and module of the SuccessFactors HCM suite and were branded to hundreds of organizations around the world. The guides highlight an organization's unique perspective, branding, process, and terminology, identify the key features and steps required to complete each step of a talent process. The guides empower employees — putting answers to process steps in their hands. Quick Reference Guides are designed to provide answers when expertise is not required. 

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