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What is a
Learning Story Experience ?

A learning story welcomes everyone, regardless of experience and ability to the same starting point —where learners embark on a journey, building and revealing knowledge, perspective, and recognition of purpose through dynamic changes to an outcome. Story uniquely among the tools of persuasion offers the ability to shape the knowledge, perspectives, behaviors, and outcomes of the learner in the near and long term.

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A learning story is not a step-by-step process. A learning story is dynamic, a series of events that present change. A learning story leverages characters, plot, and themes to recognize an essential truth, new knowledge, or understanding a core value — one that the learner needs to carry forward and propagate in their work experience.

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Learning Stories

Leaders, learning instructors, and managers have a variety of platforms and mediums at their disposal to convey learning. The purpose of learning is to persuade and align the audience to a stated goal and outcome.

Learning stories link to the organization’s brand, incorporate cultural context, add to the authenticity of the story as well as strengthen the organizational character and links to the audience. Creating such stories requires adeptness, creativity, and craft.


Learning Story Arc

A story arc defines the structure and shape of the story’s plotline. A story arc defines the rising and falling action of the characters through the story as they move through the story.

Learning Story Plotlines

Presentation of data (charts, graphs) so that conclusions can be derived. In learning this is often an infographic, a presentation, analysis, or report — providing evidence to inform employees to can adapt their behaviors and workflows to adjust and move the numbers.

Learning Story Experiences

Leverage the abundant tools available to craft stories at your disposal to do the best possible job of communicating learning to your organization. A learning experience must attract their audience, be distinctive and valued by the audience.

Case Studies

See How Stories Can Bring Learning to Life

You have experience with story, everyone does. And likely, you have experience with story in your organization. Stories exist throughout the organization told and retold in our daily work lives. You may have experiences with developing learning, and are new either new to learning experience stories or looking for a framework to create them. Discover how we assist organizations in telling their stories.

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