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What is an
Employee Engagement

We work with customers and partners, pushing the development of innovative learning experiences to find new ways to engage employees.

Employee Engagement

Digital Learning
Experiences that

Your organization, your brand, and your people are what make your learning requirements unique. Custom learning materials purpose-built to positively impact individual and business performance.

We are a passionate digital learning design agency that specializes in beautiful and easy-to-use learning experience development services.

What We Do

We Craft

Driving lasting user adoption with the rollout of a cloud platform, new technology or new opportunity means ensuring everyone understands the benefits of working in a new way and embrace the solutions provides. For organizations, this drives business performance and for cloud technologies, this drives customer success.

Engaging Employees on:

Connecting to Purpose

What is the value of your work? Connecting to purpose programs focus on the link between what your people are working on and a clear connection and what they and you value as an organization. 

Goals and Objectives

Moving beyond the performance review and forms that quantify performance goals for the employee.  We craft learning that focuses on the growth and development of the individual as it connects to their work and purpose. 


Sustainability programs are crucial. By contextualizing them from the organization to the individual with stories and learning of the challenges and impacts the organization is actively experiencing, employees can begin to think more creatively about technological and sustaining solutions.

Diversity and Inclusion

The modern workplace is at its best when it leverages the intersectionality of all the people and experiences within the organization.  

Corporate Social Responsibility

What once was brand statements, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance ESG programs define what impacts the organization can have and contribute. Learning experiences that connect the individual to impact and responsibility. 

Future of Work

Thinking about your returning to work process — much like onboarding, employees will need to understand the new way forward.  Orient their experiences, processes, interactions, how you conduct your day; even your purpose to something new.  Forward.  Forwarding.

Forwarding — a new concept for onboarding to the challenges and changes before you.

How We Work

See How Stories Can Bring Learning to Life

We create responsive learning experiences that onboard learners with more diverse levels of understanding, enhance the quality of the learning experience, increase retention, and improve the development and learning outcomes for the learner and the organization.

SmarterMedium helps global enterprises integrate learning experiences into their learning technology portfolio to improve engagement, design new learning journeys, and deliver measurable benefits to employee engagement, performance, and business results. 

We can assist with every aspect of your learning development project from initial scoping with stakeholders to learning experience development, and strategies for leveraging an agile learning process in your learning development pathways.

So What’s Next?

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