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What is a
Digital Transformation
Experience ?

Driving lasting user adoption with the rollout of a cloud platform, new technology or new opportunity means ensuring everyone understands the benefits of working in a new way and embrace the solutions provides. For organizations, this drives business performance and for cloud technologies, this drives customer success. Learn more about how we onboard users to new ideas, technologies, and perspectives.

Employee Engagement

Digital Learning
Experiences that

Your organization, your brand, and your people are what make your learning requirements unique. Custom learning materials purpose-built to positively impact individual and business performance.

What We Do

We Craft Engagement

Start with Today … then What If 

Driving lasting adoption with the rollout of a cloud platform means ensuring everyone understands the benefits of working in a new way and embrace the solutions provides.


Training puts you through experiences that you can use later. 


Digital transformation and opportunities enable you to rethink the way work is organized and managed. Learning paths for transformation courses demonstrate how you as an organization can develop and adapt to new opportunities, for individual employees and your organization.


Why are we doing this? Be honest and compelling. In the current business climate, embrace changes to stay competitive.


Onboarding bridging knowledge gaps, providing confidence for a successful start in the organization.


Learn and showcase the system and solution features and where to get started within this course.


Coaching aimed at growing identified skill and knowledge gaps.


Practicing enables you to develop the skills needed to perform. The value of training because you practiced them.


Focused learning in a quickly consumable approach provides just-in-time training on the learner’s preferred device (mobile, desktop, tablet).

Engenders awareness, confidence, and momentum to participate, and succeed with the organization.
How We Work

See How Stories Can Bring Learning to Life

We create responsive learning experiences that onboard learners with more diverse levels of understanding, enhance the quality of the learning experience, increase retention, and improve the development and performance outcomes for the learner and the organization.

SmarterMedium helps global enterprises integrate learning experiences into their learning technology portfolio to improve engagement, design new learning journeys, and deliver measurable benefits to employee engagement, performance, and business results. 

We can assist with every aspect of your learning development project from initial scoping with stakeholders to learning experience development, and strategies for leveraging an agile learning process in your learning development pathways.

We work with customers and partners, pushing the development of innovative learning experiences to find new ways to engage employees.