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e-Learning Deliverables

Off the shelf, micro-learning e-learnings available for purchase, branding, and customization — configurable to your learning needs.

Our mission is to simplify learning through design, technology and redefine what learning experiences can offer and benefit individuals, groups, and organizations.


Every new hire is unique. PerStart onboarding enables organizations to onboard new hires with the knowledge and confidence needed for success on day one.

Four Weeks
to Work

Four Weeks to Work, a preboarding learning experience for organizations to deploy that is focused on improving the new-hire onboarding experience.

Learning Story

Putting a story course together, building engaging learning experiences, this course walks through two examples of story and learning experience creation.

Developing Learning Experiences

Today we develop and deliver learning experiences for organizations launching and deploying new systems, onboarding employees, and seeking to better engage employees digitally through adoption, learning, and HR transformation.

What are these digital learning experiences?

Our approach to this learning experience design emphasizes the importance of building sustainable growth from learning experiences that go beyond an initial burst of speed. We recognize the learner's perspective as a starting point and develop a learning path, story, or journey to move the learner toward more informed judgment and decision-making based upon confidence in the knowledge conveyed. 

Can I use these courses in my organization?

Yes, these courses were built for enterprise learning systems adoption. We specialize in tailored, branded, and custom learning experience pathways — empowering great organizations to reach their employees, partners, and customers with innovative learning. These courses are available in SCORM and xAPI. We offer customization services to brand and link this course to your objectives and to engage your learners.

How were these courses created?
These courses were created using gomo learning authoring and other tools to develop an html5 learning experience that is engaging, dynamic, and responsive. Unlike many learning experiences, this one functions more like a true web experience on any device. If you like to learn more about how to create these experiences, we have a lot of great resources on our website, and you can always contact us about development opportunities.  
Can these courses be translated?

Translation Ready. We create multi-lingual learning experiences that provide an opportunity not only to engage the user where they are most comfortable but also to provide an opportunity to highlight the benefits of the local markets and support their unique business processes. Your training materials not only speak your audience’s language but more importantly, speak the language they will engage, learn, and develop with.

Are the courses responsive and mobile-ready?

Mobile is not just a display size, it shapes how we construct learning. Our development features a multi-device responsive for all our learning experiences. Our learning leverages the ability to serve users in their mobile moments.

We are a passionate digital design agency that specializes in beautiful and easy-to-use learning experiences and  development services.

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Onboarding Learning Experience


Every new hire is unique.

PerStart delivers an engaging, story-driven, online learning experience prior to the employee’s first day. It bridges the new hire’s knowledge gap with a curated presentation of the organization and culture and first-day knowledge to be successful. Letting the organization tell the story provides the best perspectives and performance. How the organization uses digital technology and their understanding of it is the fastest means to digital fluency for onboarding new hires.

Build Your Own New Hire Experience

PerStart provides tailored coaching aimed at growing required digital knowledge, cultural awareness, and other identified skill gaps during the valuable time between job acceptance and the first day. In this way, PerStart engenders confidence in the new hire and demonstrates the commitment from the organization to the new employee. 

How Does PerStart Work?

Most onboarding systems are oriented to automating and streamlining the interactions needed between the organization, HR, and the new hire. PerStart focuses on onboarding new hires – bridging knowledge gaps, providing confidence for a successful start in the organization. PerStart can:

  • Help new hires present themselves for first day/ first impression success.
  • Mirror what onboarding success looks like to the new hire.
  • Provide curated exposure to the culture and digital technologies from the organization’s perspective.
Pre-boarding Learning Experience

Four Weeks to Work

A Pre-hire Journey
from Offer to First Day.

Pre-boarding is set to an easy pace that allows the employee to feel great about their decision and prepare them for success in the first days of the new role. Our pre-boarding playbook engages the new hire beginning with offer acceptance, preparing them to jump into the first day with momentum. Four Weeks to Work, a preboarding learning experience for organizations to deploy that is focused on improving the new-hire onboarding experience.


New Hire Perspective

Follow along on a personal journey from the offer acceptance to the first day. 


Team and Hiring Manager

What does your onboarding mean from organization's perspective?


Putting Practice to Work

Amplify your onboarding experience with ideas and inspirations. 

Learning Story Experience

Learning Story

A practical guide to learning experience creation with story for storytellers and learning experience creators.

How does storytelling go in your organization? Let me tell you about the intrepid leader who embarks on a journey (a performance goal) and is met with obstacles that require growth to ultimate success. Sound familiar? And then what happened ... what if they failed? What if you used story for something more?


What is Learning Story?

A learning story is not a step-by-step process. A learning story is dynamic, a series of events that present change. A learning story leverages characters, plot, and themes to convey recognition of an essential truth, new knowledge, or understanding a core value — one that the learner needs to carry forward and propagate in their work experience. 


How to create a learning story?

Learning stories go beyond the entertainment that resonates with the audience and influences how the learner works and performs. Learning stories link to the organization's brand, incorporate cultural context, add to the authenticity of the story, and strengthen the organizational character and links to the audience. Creating such stories requires adeptness, creativity, and craft.


What forms can a learning story take?

In many ways, learning stories can be told, visual and interactive forms that reside on learning systems, written forms in posts, emails, and newsletters, told informally at lunch or meetings, or presented to an audience, teams, partners customers. 

How we can configure and develop elearnings for your organization

Our robust base content and unique tailoring methodology will allow us to help companies of all sizes more rapidly and successfully onboard and train employees. Our courses are developed and delivered in four typical scenarios that easily integrate into your learning deployment strategy. Custom learning is well-crafted, branded, familiar experiences that allow learners to focus on the new information and knowledge. Custom learning is customized to follow your processes, focuses on your key features and ignores unneeded functionality, incorporates your branding, and uses language that your employees are familiar with.

Off the Shelf

Select courses that are ready to be delivered to support your program and launch.

  • Provide best practice experience and users adoption
  • Deliver information quickly and develop skills and knowledge
  • Self-directed experience with multiple interactions and learning
  • Integrate and host with LMS. SCORM and xAPI ready
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Ready to Deploy

Leverage the existing modules to create a branded experience.

  • Leverage prebuilt content and modules
  • Rebranded to your look and feel
  • Support for role customization
  • Translation ready
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Create a custom learning experience.

  • Collaborative, flexible content development
  • Custom branding and theme development
  • Match your branding seamlessly
  • Customize the learning experience for different departments and roles
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