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Digital Learning Experiences

What are digital learning experiences?
 Our approach to this learning experience design emphasizes the importance of building sustainable growth from learning experiences that go beyond an initial burst of speed. We recognize the learner's perspective as a starting point and develop a learning path, story, or journey to move the learner toward more informed judgment and decision-making based upon confidence in the knowledge conveyed. 
Can I use these learning experiences in my organization?

Yes, this course was built for enterprise learning systems adoption. We specialize in tailored, branded, and custom learning experience pathways — empowering great organizations to reach their employees, partners, and customers with innovative learning. These courses are available in SCORM and xAPI. We offer customization services to brand and link this course to your objectives and to engage your learners.  

How are our learning experiences created?

Our courses were created using gomo learning authoring and other tools to develop an html5 learning experience that is engaging, dynamic, and responsive. Unlike many learning experiences, this one functions more like a true web experience on any device. If you like to learn more about how to create these experiences, we have a lot of great resources on our website, and you can always contact us about development opportunities.  

What is pre-boarding?

Pre-boarding is the time between offer acceptance and the first day of work and is a specific subset of onboarding. 

Pre-boarding is set to an easy pace that allows the employee to feel great about their decision and prepare them for success in the first days of the new role. 

Our pre-boarding playbook and learning experiences engage the new hire, beginning with offer acceptance, preparing them to jump into the first day with momentum. 

What is an onboarding experience?

Every new hire is unique.  We built PerStart to onboard new hires with knowledge and confidence needed for success beginning on day one. PerStart delivers an engaging, story-driven, online learning experience prior to the employee’s first day. It bridges the new hire’s knowledge gap with a curated presentation of the organization and its culture. 

What we offer

Services & Development

Are you looking to build story learning experiences for your team and organization?

This course steps through two examples of learning experience creation with story and how they can impact engagement, learning, and development.

What is a learning story experience?

A learning story welcomes everyone, regardless of experience and ability to the same starting point —where learners embark on a journey, building and revealing knowledge, perspective, and recognition of purpose through dynamic changes to an outcome.

Story uniquely among the tools of persuasion offers the ability to shape the knowledge, perspectives, behaviors, and outcomes of the learner in the near and long term. A learning story is not a step by step process. A learning story is dynamic, a series of events that present change. A learning story leverages characters, plot, and themes to convey recognition of an essential truth, new knowledge, or understanding a core value — one that the learner needs to carry forward and propagate in their work experience.

How do we support LMS integration?

We provide in-depth knowledge and support and work to ensure programs successfully launch to the chosen LMS platform. All e-learnings are translation ready, allowing for global translations and localization to situational markets.

 Our e-Learning content offers flexibility in hosting. e-Learnings may be repurposed as HTML5, xAPI, or SCORM packages to create new experiences for internal audiences or expand to new diverse populations. The flexibility built into the design also allows for sustainably responsive mixing of in-person, virtual instruction, and performance support with the e-learning modules.

What is a playbook?

A playbook is a digital-first book that provides an engaging starting point for teams and new hires. The playbook can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. Progress is at an entirely self-directed pace and leveraging an always-on approach, users can reach social channels inside the experience, such as live Twitter feeds, videos, and even suggested readings, playlists, and podcasts.

Do you offer translation services?

We create and develop translation-ready learning experiences that can be translated to many languages. We work with your in-house translation or translation agency. We also have translation agency partners ready to assist.  Your translated learning experience will not only speak your audience’s language but more importantly, speak the language they will engage, learn and develop with.

Who we are

Our Organization

What is SmarterMedium?

Mike O’Brien started SmarterMedium in 2004 with the premise that learning could be continually enhanced by customized branding solutions to the enterprise and innovating the delivery medium. His initial focus was training guides for introducing cloud technologies, becoming an early partner of SAP SuccessFactors and a thought leader in the talent management and development space. Creating a process for rapidly developing, tailoring and producing learning experiences for HR and talent management topics, SmarterMedium was able to work with hundreds of global organizations deploying learning for employees, managers, and leadership.

Today, Mike continues to lead SmarterMedium by continually reinventing its learning delivery, assisting organizations globally to reach, engage and involve their workforce, and customers with change and innovation. We have learned with the best organizations across the globe and honed our offering, distilling best processes for developing learning experiences that lead to improving performance.

In addition to learning experience development, we have contributed with our own voice — publishing three books, and a catalog of learning experiences to assist with learning development and onboarding.

How long have you been creating learning experiences?

SmarterMedium has over 17 years of experience developing programs for people and talent management, user adoption, change management, and transforming existing learning materials into engaging, self-paced learning programs. 

Who we work with?

We work with customers and partners, pushing the development of innovative learning experiences to find new ways to engage employees. Since 2004 we have worked with hundreds of corporations around the globe developing customized learning experiences and training. 

What is

We are taking what we have learned over the last 17 years to engage employees, work remotely, develop talent and onboarding, develop online learning and offer experiences to help. These learning experiences are available for your organization to incorporate into your learning systems. Got a question, an idea, ask.

Where are you located?

SmarterMedium was founded in 2004 in Hull, MA just outside of Boston. In 2014, we became a virtual organization leveraging cloud and digital technologies to develop innovative training solutions, to stay connected with each other and our clients around the world. 

Today we work in the cloud, developing and delivering learning experiences for organizations launching and deploying new systems, onboarding employees, and seeking to better engage employees digitally through adoption, learning, and HR transformation.